Saturday, October 20, 2012

We also bought a camper this summer and got to spend some much needed time with just our family. We loved the times in the camper and cant wait again for next summer to go out again!
Since the last post over two years ago alot has changed in our family. Andy is now the senior pastor at the Plymouth Heights Church of the Nazarene. We love this community and the people who attend the church. God is blessing us and we are praying for His touch and guidance! Keep us in your prayers as we try to make a difference in the community God has placed us

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well.. I guess I had better get on here and wish everyone of my friends and family a Merry Christmas... Andy and I have been married for 11 years now and Emilee is 6. Drew will soon be 10. I have a wonderful life and as you can tell between the two dates I have posted last that my life is very busy. I have finished my master degree and have started another one... Andy is in college again and the kids are very busy between church functions and school. I guess we only have one life to live and we best be doing everything we can for God. I love you all!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Still Among the Living!!

I cannot believe this is the first post I have made in months!! I promise to do better..but when I look at all that has been happening in my life I wonder how I even have time to make this post let alone say I "promise" to do another one soon... so count yourself lucky if you are reading this...haha.. We have moved to a new church and have really felt God working in our lives here... We have joined the church's softball league and are getting to know everyone so well.. They are such wonderful people and I wonder how we made it without them in our lives.. we feel so complete now with them all... Andy slid into second base and broke his leg and ankle. I was first scared and concerned now I am through the exhaustion from trying to do everything that it has become routine.. I cannot wait till his leg is healed so we can get back to "normal" life! HA. Drew and Emilee are fitting in so well and are starting to make friends... They are over the shy and backwardness to now showing off and into everything. I keep telling them how you act away from home is reflection of your parents. I sometimes catch myself saying.. "I know you have been taught better then this"...this is after Drew wants to hit the girl that slapped him or called him names.. He is having some time with the girls.. I try to tell him that is what girls do at this age... but I really wonder "Did I do that stuff?" I don't remember if I did! Different times I guess! God is teaching me many new things I am trying to have my devotions more but it seems life has a way of filling up the time you set aside for those times alone... I appreciate all your prayers and hope this post finds you all happy and healthly.. until the next sleeplessness night....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Behind... But having fun!

I have noticed that I have not kept up on this blog as I would have liked to .. so here goes... the things I have been up to...We are in the process of moving and so I have been going through closets and totes and trying to down size. Everyone should move at least every 5 years! HA! I look around and I see I have too much stuff.. not would be worth anything... just things that I have held onto for sentimental value and its hard to part with. I have kept Drew's hospital outfit both from birth and each heart surgery... I have kept emilee's first easter dress, valentine dress, and my favorite outfit... these things don't mean a lot to most but to me they hold precious memories... now if I can just convince Andy! I am also finished with my graduate work and will be walking down the aisle May 8th! I am so thrilled to be finished... more thrilled when I receive my first raised paycheck.. That won't happen until August. We have taken the kids fishing recently and they enjoyed it so much... it was so windy that day and Drew kept getting his line caught in trees.. Andy was thrilled...ha! I love family time and making memories...